Thursday, November 15, 2007

New house, new stress

Well, it has been much too long since I have actually done anything with this blog but I think I might just use it now. In the past 11 months or so since I have started it so much has happened. Most importantly however was the purchase of our first home! It has been a very exciting time for our family and yet a very exhausting time as well. We have been in the house for about 4 months now and I am still trying to get things organized. I never realized what a challenge setting up a house would be. I am excited to be able to have a house of my own and especially the idea of having the entire thing completely organized and then finally being able to have everything put in its place so I can decorate it to my hearts desire but that has been difficult trying to get my kids settled as well. Unfortunately the stress of the whole situation gets to me as well and I have been suffering a lot of migraine headaches and that puts the progress on hold a lot more then I would like but I can only do so much. Nate continues to work at night, but now his commute is lessened due to the move as well as a promotion moving him to an office in Utah County. All of this helps, but the process is still slower than I would prefer. With the holidays coming up I am feeling more motivation to get the house finished though so I can put my Christmas decorations up and Annie is very excited to help so she is wanting to get the house done as well. She is a very good cleaner so I am very grateful for her!
Anyway, I ought to get back to working on the house now...hopefully I will continue to update this more often as it is a nice outlet for my stress!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Pain in the Neck

It's a little more challenging than I had hoped to come up with enough time to sit down and blog. Nate and I have spent much of the last week trying to clean up from Christmas and re-arrange our family room to accommodate the newest member of the McConnell family. Nate and I bought ourselves a 37" LCD TV for each other for Christmas. Since Nate had the unfortunate obligation of working on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day he was able to receive a bit of extra money for doing so and we decided we would use that in doing something nice for ourselves for Christmas. So, our TV was born. But when we arrived home with it we realized that much rearranging needed to be done to find the perfect spot and since then we have done an entire top to bottom cleansing of our home. It has needed it for so long. And boy does it feel good. But boy does my neck and back feel terrible. All this work has definitely been hard on it. You'd think having a massage therapist as a husband would pay off but I learned the other day why it is so painful when Nate gives me a massage. Another therapist told me that when they work on people they care about they notice things that are wrong and they want to fix them immediately so they work a lot harder and often more deep than the patient can it is not a good idea to allow someone you love to give you a massage. Interesting, huh? Now my husband is insisting that I go pay to let someone else give me a massage...and while I love that he lets me be pampered...I hate the idea of paying someone to do what my husband has been trained to do. Oh well...I just hate spending money frivolously. I know you it isn't frivolous, but you know me...I am a worrywort when it comes to money, get used to it! But thanks for taking care of me, I love you!
I better get back to cleaning so we can once and for all be done with the house and not have to do another top to bottom cleaning for a while!