Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kindergarten Check-up

When I was a child I don't remember having to go to the doctor for a Kindergarten check-up...I am pretty sure that all we had to do was just sign up saying that we wanted to go and we were in. Now a days I have to take my kids in and they have to make sure they are safe and healthy before they are allowed to go into kindergarten.

Well that blessed day arrived for my little Annie last Friday. I had kind of worried about this day coming and so to be somewhat prepared I asked my sister to come along. We got there a few minutes early but they were ready for us and took us right back.

Annie was not having any of this visit and immediately had a fit just as they wanted to take her weight (she really is a girl) and continued while they tried to get her blood pressure and temperature. The next "station" as they called them was where they pricked their finger to get some blood to test their iron level. As soon as Annie saw what they were going to do to her she flipped completely out. It took everything I had to hold her down and they had to call two other nurses in to keep her from hurting them. They decided they had to do it in her toe so she couldn't clinch her fist and cause any problems...By this time I was calling my sister begging her to hurry and get there because I desperately needed her...and thank heavens she was there in the waiting room so I went out to get her.

From there the Dr. came in and did the exam and everything was ok until he said that Annie needed 4 shots!! We had already had a traumatic day as it was and now we had to add 4 shots on top? So, this time, Laura (my sis) and I had to hold her arms and head down while the nurse held her legs and she got 4 shots in her legs...nearly killed ME...I felt so bad...for putting her through all of that even though I knew it was for her good I took her to Build a Bear and let her get a new animal.

After she got her build a bear I thought things would settle down a bit because she felt better about everything but the shots made her really sick so she woke up in the middle of Friday night with a very high fever and crying in pain. I felt so bad for the poor girl...thank heavens she is now....KINDERGARTEN READY!!!

P.S. Is she really that old? It really hasn't been that long since she was born has it?


Mike and Ariane said...

I hate shots and finger pricks. I feel for Annie. Just say no to Dr's visits.

Alicia said...

Those shots are hard! But hopefully she won't need any more till she's a teenager. :) Hey, if you want to email: arm.davis@yahoo.com

Lacee said...

Kylee had the same reaction last year when I took her in for her shots, but she had 5! I know how you feel, I made Karsten come with me!