Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Member of the Family

After much deliberation, we have added a new member to our family!! Meet Roxie!! She is a mix of Staffordshire Terrier (a cousin of Pit Bull) and German Shepherd (we think)...So far, Annie and Gracie LOVE her and she LOVES them.

I have had a lot of concerns about getting a puppy...among them having a puppy inside the house, potty training, keeping the house clean enough that the puppy wouldn't eat any toys or shoes and things of the like. She is a sweetheart, loves to lick (and I am not the biggest on getting puppy kisses) and snuggle.

Hopefully, she will be a good fit for our family and we will enjoy her and she will enjoy us. I still feel a little unsettled having her (I never had dogs as this is new for me) but Nate is really excited to have her and thinks that she will be a good addition for everyone in the family.


Mike and Ariane said...

Wow! A four legged family member! :-)

Sara said...

So cute...good luck with the joys of training!

Cindy said...

awww roxie is so cute!! hope you will love her as much as your children and nate do! btw training is not that hard just stick with it and it's a breeze :)

McKenzie said...

I love you Roxie!!!

(Will you send me some pictures of Roxie? Especially the one of her sleeping on my lap)

Slendarella said...

ROXIE is so CUTE! And what a great name! Roxie!