Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trying to stay positive

Things in my neck of the woods are a bit rough lately. I am trying desperately to take care of some personal issues that have been needing wrapped up for quite some time, and I have been avoiding them. I haven't know just how to deal with them and I kept hoping that either someone else would do it for me or they would just go away. But, unfortunately when you become an adult life has a way of throwing things at you that you have to learn to handle. And how you deal with them is how you grow and how you learn. This has been really hard for me and I have been struggling for literally weeks now, with that gut-renching feeling. I am really hoping that things with this particular situation are on the mend, but I am not completely sure as of yet. I am still kind of in the middle of everything and certainly have not had the weight lifted off my shoulders...and am really praying for a quick resolution to this whole problem.

My health continues to be a problem, as it has for almost a year now. We have been searching for answers since the end of May 2008 as to why I am having such terrible abdominal pain and have come up with nothing. I met with a surgeon today and may end up having some surgery to just "see" if they can visualize a problem. I am not all that excited about the possibility of going to surgery, but I can't keep doing this day in and day out. I am a mother of 2 amazing little girls who are missing out on their mom because I am in pain all the time and can't give them all the attention they deserve to go out and enjoy life like they should. I really need to find some answers to this, so if going to surgery will help find the answers, then I will go to surgery.


Kristen said...

hi rebecca! i just discovered your blog! it's been a delight reading it and seeing what you've been up to! i'm soo sorry to hear your health problems persist... let me know if there is anything i can do! if you need a break, i would be happy to watch the girls sometime! i check my email everyday so email me if you want to take me up on it!
where are you living?

Slendarella said...

Positive attitude can be all the difference to healing or not. Take it a step farther and see yourself as 'Well & Healthy'. Take it a step further and google Raw Food + Healing. Maybe you're just bound up with toxins and need to clean adn detoxify your 'gut' to get rid of that 'gut wrenching' feeling. Good luck! Will check back to see how you're doing.