Wednesday, December 16, 2009

*:{The Grinch}:*

Here it is 9 days before Christmas and I have yet to put up a Christmas tree. What you say? Is this the same Rebecca you know? I know, it just doesn't seem right. Usually I am the first one with the tree up even before Thanksgiving but this year is a little different. This year, I really don't have any Christmas spirit. What is interesting is that I can't force myself to *get* any either. I remember as a child my brother Doug and I just brimming with Christmas spirit, the two of us just loved everything about the season. Every time it snowed we would just glow with joy, we couldn't be happier.

But this year it is different, at least for me. My Christmas spirit just isn't here. Early in November we were informed that ViaWest (Nate's employer) would be letting him go and immediately we knew things we going to get tough. ViaWest paid out his vacation and gave him 2 weeks severance which helped a tiny bit, but he has been out of work now for about 6-7 weeks. Unfortunately, as I am sure this would be for any family, this has been very stressful for us and with my fragile health...I am struggling. I think this is the cause of my lack of Christmas spirit and my lack of desire to have much to do with Christmas in general. I am trying to force myself to do it for my girls...they deserve it and it is important to them.

We are hopeful though. Nate has been amazing at networking and getting his resume out to people in the field and has had several companies show interest in him. One in particular he will be interviewing with later today for his 3rd interview. This will be a face to face interview. He has already had two phone interviews and both of those went very well! So, please if you read this say a prayer for him! We really really need this to come through. (Plus, he promised me dinner at Tucci's as soon as he gets a job, and I am really craving a Calzone Bianco! Love you babe!)


Jessica Goodwin said...

It's perfectly understandable to be less cheery when the lack of money looms over your head. I wish I had magic words that could help. But, since I don't, just know that Doug and I love you and your family beyond measure. We'll help out any way we can.

Mike and Ariane said...

I'm sure there's an extra tree lit up at your parents! They were always so festive, trees in every room. I loved that. Hopefully, this year...a different type of cheer will come to you, one that means more now that it'll be even more appreciated. Hope things turn around for you and your family.

Justine said...

we havent put up the xmas tree either :(