Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm back!! For Gracie!!

I know, I doesn't seem real that I am actually posting a blog, but here I am. Things have been a bit nuts around here and that is actually why I am taking a moment to post. My little Gracie baby has been under the weather a few times since I last posted and just recently had quite a bout with pneumonia. When she started showing signs of difficulty breathing at her grandma Jan's house a couple weeks ago I rushed her back to the Dr. only to find out that her pneumonia was not gone and that she was now needing to be on a breathing machine at home as well as another big antibiotic (this was the 3rd one...when she had originally been diagnosed with the pneumonia they had used 2 because it was a bad case). The Dr. that she was that day was fairly concerned and wanted her followed up later that week with her regular pediatrician. I didn't think much of it thinking it would just be a normal follow up to make sure everything was going well with the breathing machine and such. Well, when we went in to that appointment, her Dr. said he could definitely hear the pneumonia still and that he is concerned something more is going on and causing all of this and that he would like to speak to some specialists but that he would like to do further testing to see if she has Cystic Fibrosis "or something else...worse" underlying that is preventing her lungs from being able to heal properly. Right now, she has a loose diagnosis of lung disease...but I guess that could all change in the next few weeks as we go through testing?? It is just so hard to imagine this all with my sweet little spunky Gracie. She is so tiny but yet so full of life and excitement. I myself am trying to stay as positive as I can and not thinking of any other possibilities other then just what she already has. We already have to take precautions with her lungs and she is missing out on Trick-or-Treating tonight because of the weather and because her immune system just isn't quite up to par and we just can't risk it...that isn't too much fun for a 4 year old.
Anyways...sorry for carrying on...I needed somewhere to put all of this down and I know someday I will appreciate having my very raw emotions written...
Gracie Jane, Mommy Loves you sooooo much, and I along with many other people are praying for you every day! I know how strong you are and I know, no matter what, things will be ok! I love you, Baby Girl!!

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Jessica said...

Gracie is constantly in our prayers. I hope the testing isn't too painful for her or her mommy. We love you! Jesse and Doug